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Learning Together

In this team activity, you will review your specific LSS Lesson Plan and determine how each of the TBCI stages can be addressed within the lesson plan.  Each team member will execute their roles as they work together to complete the activities within the Learning Together Activity Packet. 


Follow the directions for each role listed below:

  1. Facilitator: Examine the Learning Together Activity Packet with your team. Review the Challenge Question as well as the particular Learning Goals.  Remind team members to execute their roles as they complete the tasks within the Learning Together Activity Packet.
  2. Next, lead a discussion on how each stage of the TBCI will be integrated within you LSS lesson planning guide.  Have team members also share ideas related to where family engagement activities would be infused within the instructional cycle.
  3. Recorder: Download the TBCI Application Template. Record team member responses in the template. Post questions pertinent to each TBCI stage within the appropriate row and column labeled Questions.
  4. Coach: Remind team members that everyone needs to be prepared to share responses to the learning community.
  5. Timekeeper:  Remind the team of the allotted time for the activity. Provide time checks at appropriate intervals to keep the team moving toward task completion.
  6. Recorder:  When your team is finished, upload your completed TBCI Application Template to your team discussion forum.  Click here to access the discussion thread Learning Together:  TBCI.