Preschool through Kindergarten NE/LRE Team Decision Making Module  

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Collaboration and Teaming Among all Partners


Collaboration and Teaming among all Partners is the fourth session in the Preschool-Kindergarten NE/LRE Team Decision Making Module. 


The module highlights best practice for effective decision making by:

  1. Extended IFSP and IEP teams in Maryland selecting natural environments (NE) and least restrictive environment (LRE) for children with disabilities, ages three through kindergarten.
  2. Early childhood implementation teams providing early intervention or preschool special education and realted services to young children with disabilities in community early childhood settings with children without disabilities.

  Session Outcome


All partners will share information and collaborate in adapting materials and modifying instruction to provide effective early intervention, preschool special education, and related services for preschool students with disabilities in inclusive early childhood settings.

The following topics are covered in this session:

Responsibilities of an early childhood implementation team

  • Respect each partner’s culture, role and knowledge.
  • Connect families to program staff, activities and other families.
  • Individualize communication with families.
  • Facilitate interaction and learning for all children.

Collaboration guidelines for special education and early intervention personnel


  • Foster opportunities for partners to promote learning by all children.
  • Engage partners in planning and implementing intervention.
  • Build on partners’ current skills and knowledge.
  • Reflect on and assess children’s participation and progress.