Making Access Happen  

silhouettes of a mother and two young children jumping against the backdrop of the setting sun
Through this module, we will explore ways to create a learning environment that supports developmentally appropriate practices.


In this module, we will be talking about why forming positive relationships is a critical component of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. As we go through this next section, we will be thinking about all we already know about the importance of positive relationships with children and how we can build upon what we know and what we already do.

You may remember from the first module, entitled "What is DAP?", that forming relationships with each and every child is a key component to implementing DAP in our programs. When we form positive individualized relationships with our children, we learn what is individually appropriate for each child, including each child's specific interests, abilities, and developmental progress.

By the end of this module you will:

  • Know more about the connections between children's forming of positive relationships and Developmentally Appropriate Practice.
  • Know about ways to support relationships with children.

Here is a printable note-taking form to help you keep track of information, ideas, and other thoughts as you go through the Forming Positive Relationships section.

Positive Relationships Printable Note-taking Form

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