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Welcome to the Child Outcomes Summary-Team Collaboration (COS-TC) Quality Practice Checklist and Descriptions: Online Practice. The online practice gives Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education providers online access to the COS-TC quality practice checklist and descriptions, and allows you to practice your learning by watching video clips of COS team meetings with families and rating the extent to which providers in the video used COS-TC quality practices.


The content is intended for those providers who have completed the COS Process Module: Collecting & Using Data to Improve Programs, as well as for trainers supporting teams in the COS process. By providers we mean professionals working with children and families in early learning and development programs to improve outcomes for young children with disabilities.


Begin at the Getting Started tab to learn more about purpose, background, and uses of the COS-TC Quality Practice Checklist and Descriptions.


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In this section, providers will find information about quality practices related to preparing for the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) meeting with families.

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In this section, providers can learn about quality practices for explaining the COS process to families. Explaining the COS process can be part of earlier interactions with families, and can be short or long depending on the COS decision-making process.

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This section describes quality practices for understanding and discussing child functioning relative to each outcome. The length of the discussion about the child's functioning relative to each outcome may vary depending upon the information discussed during earlier interactions with the family, the child's age, and the consistency of the child's functioning in an outcome area.

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In this section, providers can explore quality practices related to identifying and building consensus for a high-quality COS rating.

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The section of the COS-TC Quality Practice checklist is a list of general interactive practices associated with quality teaming and decision-making. These quality practices are not specific to the COS process.

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Acknowledgment: Special thanks to providers and families who shared their videos with us, trainers and technical assistance providers who have piloted these materials and given feedback, and funders who helped support this work.


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