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Understanding and Using Fiscal Data: 
A Guide for Part C Staff

The site is intended to help state Part C lead agency staff better understand strategic fiscal policy questions, the fiscal data elements needed to address those questions, and the benefits of using these data. Fiscal data provides powerful information for decision-making, program management, and policy-making. The use of fiscal data, especially when paired with child and family demographic data about services, can help state Part C staff stakeholders better understand the dynamics that influence the state Part C program and its financing.

About Fiscal Data Data Analysis Templates Glossary Resources

About Fiscal Data

Select the About Fiscal Data tab to learn about the role and importance of fiscal data as well as the kind of data that should be collected and where they are located.

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Data Analysis Templates

Visit the Templates tab to learn how to answer key questions with fiscal data using interactive examples and tools.

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The Glossary tab contains definitions for the fiscal terms used throughout this guide in the context of early childhood programs.

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Review the Resources tab to discover additional fiscal data related resources relevant to early childhood programs.

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