Making Access Happen  

Making Access Happen

The Making Access Happen Toolkit, a repository of supports, learning modules, and resources is designed to provide a personalized, interactive learning experience for practitioners, providers and families in the support of evidence-based practices in early childhood settings. It has been designed to allow you to tailor your own toolkit and your own experience within the toolkit, based upon your current experience and need:

“Just Enough, Just in Time, Just for You”

Personalize Your Learning

access just enough, just for you, and job-embedded resources and learning modules at any time

Engage with the Community

build conversations and practices around early childhood topics and outcomes

Create Your Own Toolkit

identify targeted resources and learning material to construct your personalized toolkit

Toolkit Supports

At the heart of expanding access is a series of Toolkit Supports to help develop practitioners' skills in reflective coaching, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, and collaborative practices to narrow the school readiness gaps.

Learning Modules

The Making Access Happen Learning Modules provide early care and education practitioners with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills for implementing evidence-based inclusive practices.

Get Started!

Our Toolkit Supports and Learning Modules are built as learning communities and we invite you to collaborate with us in the continuing development of these learning communities. Explore, experience, and contribute to each of our learning communities that incorporate the following features:

Cycle of