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Welcome to the LSS Work Session #2.  We thank the Charles County Agents of Change, DCPS UP-SCALERS, and Prince George’s Gap Busters for participating in today’s work session. You will engage in the JHU Professional Development (PD) Quest.  The PD Quest includes an Online Learning Event (OLE), which utilizes the Team-Based Cycle of Instruction (TBCI).  Consequently, you will complete learning activities as a team as well as individually throughout a six-stage process:  Set-Up, Presentation, Learning Together, Just For Me, Assessment, and Wrap Up.  You will be asked to post team and individual products online as you work through the OLE.

The focus for this work session is on three SPDG areas:  UNITED, Implementation Science, and TAP-IT Action Protocol.  By the end of this work session, you will understand the distinction between your roles when engaging in the Team-Based Cycle of Instruction (TBCI) and your functions as an Implementation Team.  In addition, you will understand the tasks associated with the exploration phase of implementation, and you will work in the Analyze and Planning phases of TAP-IT to select SPDG schools and to plan for readiness for change.


By the end of the PDQuest, teams will meet the following outcomes:

  • Engage in the TAP-IT Action Protocol to:
    • Determine team members’ roles when involved in the TBCI activities
    • Determine Implementation Team functions
    • Select SPDG schools
    • Produce a Collaborative Agreement
    • Generate an Introductory School-Based Communication Protocol
    • Generate an Exploration Stage Implementation Plan with the following elements:
      • Goals
      • Actions
      • Responsibilities
      • Timelines

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