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Learning Together


The purpose of this activity is to collaborate with your team partners and engage in the TAP-IT Action Protocol.  Follow the TAP-IT Action Protocol to:

    -  Examine relevant data to select two SPDG elementary schools,
  2. PLAN
      -  Develop a Collaborative Agreement and Communication Protocol and Generate an Exploration Stage Implementation Plan


  1. Prepare for the activity.  Download and save the TAP-IT Action Protocol to the computer by clicking here.  You will also have to download and save the Collaborative Agreement by clicking here. Once downloaded and saved, please customize the Collaborative Agreement to your LSS.
  2. You will begin the TAP-IT Action Protocol with Analyze.  Please follow the instructions in the Analyze section of the TAP-IT Action Protocol to select two SPDG Schools.
  3. Please contact your State Liaison and invite them to participate in this activity:
  4. When you are finished, please upload the TAP-IT Action Protocol and the Collaborative Agreement to your team discussion forum by clicking here.