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Family Engagement is an essential support for school improvement and student achievement. Research has found that when families are involved with their child’s school, the school out performs similar schools without family engagement. In addition, teacher morale improves, family members rate teachers more highly, and the school has a better relationship with the community (Byrk, 2010). Today we are going to be developing an understanding of research-based family engagement strategies.


While you are viewing the presentation, think about:

  • What strategies for developing family engagement are in place in your Local School System?
  • What data does your Local School System have to review the success of these strategies?
  • What strategies can you implement to strengthen family engagement?
  • What challenges are posed to a successful school-family partnership?


Family Engagement

Presentation:  Family Engagement

Click the link above to view and hear the presentation for OLE 3:  Family Engagement


Click here to access the video that was mentioned in the last side of the presentation.

Here are your discussion prompts:

  • What were your impressions?

  • Did you pick up on any words/phrases?