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Learning Together

The following activity provides an opportunity for you and your team members to consider various factors that influence family engagement. You will use the Numbered Heads Together cooperative learning strategy during this stage. The goal is to explore the definition of collaboration and how team members have applied it to building successful home-school partnerships with families.



  1. Have your team select a Facilitator and a Recorder to lead the group discussion and take notes.
  2. Review the characteristics of collaboration by clicking here.
  3. Individually, complete Table 1.  You can access the table by clicking here.  
  4. After each member in the team has completed Table 1, the Facilitator should lead a discussion to identify which characteristics of collaboration are thought about when planning each school event listed in Table 2. If you find there are only a few events that plan to engage parents collaboratively, discuss what can be done differently.  The Recorder should check the collaborative characteristic team members have used for each school event listed in Table 2.  You can access Table 2 here.
  5. The Recorder should write at least three responses or ideas from the discussion on the Group Discussion Report. If you have a group question, please write that down as well.  You can access the Group Discussion Report by clicking here.
  6. When you are finished, the Recorder should upload the Group Discussion Report to your team discussion forum by clicking here.